For anyone who doesn’t already know, I have resigned from my job. I could go into a long and drawn out explanation as to why Business school is the logical next step for me, all of which I definitely believe to be true. But let it suffice to say that I’m now in Istanbul with 3 months off, free to travel wherever I like, and thinking of you all.

Where else to start a trip to Siberia than Istanbul? But what was originally just a starting point for a trip across Iran and beyond, has become a journey in and of itself. It’s Iranian New Year right now, which will literally shut the country down for the next week and a half. Rather than fighting Iranian holidaymakers for the very last bus seat next to a screaming infant, I might as well waste some time in Turkey, and make my gradual way to the wild east.

In the meantime, I have begun to starve myself. I am preparing myself for pure gluttony, for gorging myself on a scale pushing the limits of good health. When opportunity like this knocks, you are obliged to answer, for tomorrow I’m setting off for Bursa, the birthplace of the Doner Kebab. My imagination tells me that the Ur-Doner will undoubtedly have the most delicious spice mixture, the warmest freshest bread, and be dripping the most succulent grease, all drowned in special sauces the envy of every licensed manhattan street cart. For the next 48 hours I will be in search of my dream doner, as this is where it all began.